Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Pont Glyndwr Nid Pont Carlo

                      CARDIFF - THE WELSH OFFICE - ON 28th MAY 2018 at 2.00 pm 

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Idris Davies "When Greed Was Born In Monmouthshire" the Scotch Cattle were also born

When Greed was born in Monmouthshire (Gwent) the working class organised themselves into the Scotch Cattle they did not just rollover and die - they fought back.

The Scotch Cattle were underground before and after the Merthyr Rising - they existed from 1820's to 1850's in Monmouthshire Valleys - they are the pre cursors of later working class underground movements.

The Bells of Rhymney: Is there hope for the future say the Brown Bells of Merthyr ?

O what can you give me?
Say the sad bells of Rhymney.
Is there hope for the future?
Cry the brown bells of Merthyr.
Who made the mineowner?
Say the black bells of Rhondda.
And who robbed the miner?
Cry the grim bells of Blaina.
They will plunder willy-nilly,
Say the bells of Caerphilly.
They have fangs, they have teeth
Shout the loud bells of Neath.
To the south, things are sullen,
Say the pink bells of Brecon.
Even God is uneasy,
Say the moist bells of Swansea.
Put the vandals in court
Cry the bells of Newport.
All would be well if — if — if —
Say the green bells of Cardiff.
Why so worried, sisters, why
Sing the silver bells of Wye.